November 8, 2006

We want you to help lead the community 

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We want you to help lead the community 
Were looking for two members to join our citizen editorial board. The board will meet once a week to discuss local and national issues, meet with local and state leaders, and establish hot topics for communitywide debate and blogging on .

Six Apart Leads With Vox 
Of all the contenders promising to up the ante on MySpace, few sites have emerged as serious threats. But a new offering from Mena Trott’s Six Apart might have what it takes to become the biggest player in social networks. By Chaddus Bruce.

Fotolog Expands Global Reach With Grupo Clarin, Argentina’s Largest Media Company 
Expanding its global reach, Fotolog ( today announced a partnership with Grupo Clarin, Argentina’s largest media company, that will enable millions of users in Argentina and Brazil to easily join the world’s largest photo blogging community.

Flag-wavin, Liberty-lovin Patriots Since 1992 
Today is Election Day, a funny kind of quasi-holiday where we exchange ideas with each other instead of presents. Heres hoping the good outweighs the bad, and we can find some new, more reasonable direction for our troubled nation.

Reg vs. Jack 
Tonight, Jack Kelly and Reg Henry will offer their views on Election 2006 as the returns come in. Follow them throughout the evening, and come back tomorrow for their wrapups. Want to comment?

Rainy day blogging 
The Seahawks have to be the most boring NFL division leader this side of the Ravens. Please call us …


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